Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fortune Cookie Messege: I Miss You

I had gotten a fortune cookie at some point over this summer. It read, "I miss you". Its the only fortune cookie messege that I kept. Although I cant find it in this heap of all my things. It is either here in my college apartment or at home in my bedroom, I know that it is somewhere - I wouldn't throw it away. The idea of missing someone fascinates me. I am always missing someone or a group of people, always. Missing people doesn't go away. Right now, I miss my family, my pets, my movie nights. When I'm on break from school I miss my friends. When I am trying not to drink so much I miss alcohol. I miss my first love and I miss teenage years. I miss my friends from highschool and I miss the trouble we got into and the stories we built. Wherever I am, I always miss my grandparents maybe because I know they can't come back. And I wonder who misses me. My mother tells me she does every time we talk and sometimes I hear it from friends who I haven't seen in a long time. But, does anyone else miss me or anything about me? I know that I have been a bit depressed lately, does anyone miss the more upbeat and happy me? Everytime I look at that fortune cookie messege I automatically see visions of everyone that I miss and I just want to tell them "I miss you".


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